for a while now, i’ve wanted to start a blog as an outlet for posting photographs. with new camera in hand, i totally geeked out on sunday and started this thing. now i’m remembering why i was always hesitant to start a blog and why my first attempt failed. i’m lacking focus and blogs without focus usually don’t interest me. i don’t want to write about myself and the boring stuff i do day to day. i do love a good blog with a focus, like jess’s blog about her move to LA or any one of the many knitting blogs that i read from time to time. i anticipate this will end up being some photos, some knitting, and some other crap thrown in for good measure. we’ll see…

here’s a photo for today. this is bailey. she served as my model for playing with my camera over the weekend.


i think i’m going to have to fiddle with my photos and flickr. this looked much better, imo, before whatever compression flickr does occurred.