Apres Surf Blob 6.10.08

see the lump o’ apres surf hoodie. this has been the only knitting project i’ve worked on for about a month. the front is done, the back is done, a sleeve is done, and i’m about half way through the hood. it is coming along nicely and i think i’ll be really pleased with the final product. but…the monogamy thinking isn’t working so well for me. i’m antsy to move on to something else. unfortunately, when i get antsy like this, i start avoiding knitting completely. and, i don’t much like avoiding my knitting.

so, i decided to give in and allow myself to work on a different project while i’m on my trip to CA to visit jess. i cast on for basic stockinette socks using my vesper sock yarn in love stinks, yeah yeah colourway.

Love Stinks Vesper Socks progress 6.10.2008

aren’t they cute? for circular knitting, i’m a traditionalist and i prefer four straight double pointed needles. i always find the join and the first round a little fiddly. who wants to be dealing with that fiddly part on an airplane? my intent was just to get things started. before i knew it, i was cruising along and had at least 4 inches of the leg complete.

the jury is out on the vesper sock yarn. i really love the way the color stripes are coming out. i can not tell you how much i like predictable stripes more than a variegated colourway. however, i find the yarn a little stiff. it isn’t as sproingy (know what i mean?) and soft as most of the sock yarn i’ve used. not unpleasant to knit with tho, and i expect that it will soften over time.

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