i’m back from my trip to los angeles, where i visted my sister, jess, and I finally have moment to blog about it a bit. we had a great time. i loved the heat, and the area she lives in is really nice. a pretty townhouse complex with lots of good stuff within walking distance. we did a lot of different things – got pedicures, saw the “sex in the city” movie, took some field trips, and hung out at the pool.

we made it out to malibu and hung out at the beach for a bit. it was a little hazy that day, but still really nice and, of course, i managed to get a wee sun burn. the following day we went to the griffith observatory.

LA observatory

lots of great views of los angeles from the observatory and a really cool looking building as well.

during our hang out time, i did some actual, factual reading. i’ve not been very good about reading the last few years as i spend most of my free time knitting. but i managed to work my way through “the other boleyn girl” (hence the title of this post) during the course of the trip. it was so good. i loved reading about all the craziness, gluttony, and scandal! i’m hoping maybe i’ve got my read back on and i’ll be on the hunt for another historical fiction type book in the next few days.