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after complaining last week about lack of recent knitting success and my frustration with progress on the apres surf hoodie, i’m happy to report that i actually had a kick ass weekend of knitting. mike had to work both saturday and sunday, and while i was initially bummed that we wouldn’t be able to spend any time together, i soon realized that it was a great opportunity to focus on knitting and another crafty project i have in mind.

that evil beast, the hood, is all done! it came together much easier than i expected. the directions were a bit confusing to me. since a bunch of ravelers have finished it without any problems, i figured i’d just go with it and hope for the best. it worked great. all i have left to do, on the hood anyway, is finish the i-cord bind off, which is about half way complete. one more sleeve to go!

Apres Surf detail 7.20.2008

i was surprised to find myself so enthused about working on the hoodie again that i didn’t get around to any of the other projects i had planned, which actually includes some non-knitting crafts. maybe next weekend.  and, maybe, the hoodie will get done some day very soon.


i am a huge fan of all things handmade, naturally, i love etsy. lately, i have also been in constant search mode for cute buttons for my various knitting projects. i recently found an amazing etsy seller who makes buttons and i had to share these little beauties i picked up.

creamrose buttons

the seller is creamrose. i kept myself under control and only ordered these two sets of buttons. however, she has tons and tons of options varying from cutesy and cartoon to really sophisticated. she is very sweet and has great service too!

it has been very quiet on this little blog lately. largely because i’ve only been frustrated by my knitting projects the past few weeks. i have several things going and none of them are in a particular fun place – like the beginning or the end!

in particular, my apres surf hoodie is just stuck. i try to work on it here and there, but it feels like i’m not making any significant progress, which is a bit discouraging. honestly, i didn’t realize how much MORE knitting was involved in the hood. i usually feel like i’m pretty much home free once the front and back are done. i mean, sleeves are nothing, i can whip through them pretty quickly. but, the hood is like a whole new giant piece, similar in size to the back. on top of that, and this may sound nutty, but the smell of the needles i’m using bugs me immensely. the pattern calls to go down a size for the hood. i didn’t have the appropriate size and my lys didn’t have regular addis in the size i needed, so i went with the lace addis. you know that yucky metallic smell, like a pile of dirty, old pennies, that’s what they smell like. they make my hands smell metallic too. it’s just gross, and when i work on the hood i’m overwhelmed with the icky smell. i should probably just buck up and hit a few shops this weekend in search of the regular addis.

in an effort to inspire myself, i thought i’d cast on for a quick little project. i’ve been drooling over my sundara yarn candied chrome colorway for quite a while and knew i wanted to jump on the cowl bandwagon. easier said than done! i must have frogged and restarted five or six times. i was never happy with my cast on, or the stitch i chose for the border, or the stitch i chose for the main part. i am finally happy with it doing the good old garter stitch border with a k2tog, yo pattern spiraling up the cowl.

Candy Cowl progress 7.15.2008

i came across one of the coolest knitting projects ever.  check out the ann boleyn doll with removable head at caffaknitted.  brilliant.

what the hell is this magnificent blur?

whirling ball

why it is a whirling ball of yarn on my new ball winder. why in the world did i wait so long to buy one of these things? i absolutely hate winding yarn by hand. it’s time consuming, tedious, and the balls are always a sloppy mess. now i can easily and quickly wind my yarn into lovely, beautiful, tidy yarn cakes. my sundara season’s candied chrome sock yarn was the first to “test” the winder.

wound candied chrome

pretty, eh? it was so fun to watch the big loop of a skein unravel and form into this pretty, little cake. watching the cake form actually gave me a much greater appreciation for the color of the yarn. it appeared really red in the skein, but the silvery chrome really shines in the cake and i’m so much happy with the color now that i’ve seen it move a bit.

i think the candied chrome is destined to become some kind of cowl. (bandwagon much?) i haven’t knit a cowl yet, but it seems to be the perfect solution. this yarn is way to pretty to wear on my feet, i think it’ll be a great cowl color.

first, i must finish the apres surf hoodie. i’ve been avoiding it like the plague lately for no good reason. i have so little left to do, really. in part, it is pretty hot here now (at least by seattle standards) and having a big, heavy sweater in my lap seems really unappealing. i must get it done before i cast on for something new. otherwise, i’m afraid it could become a permanent ufo.

so, i guess this has officially become a knitting blog.  what can i say?  it’s pretty much my favorite thing to talk about.


i'm chris. i knit and spin a lot. i cook and eat food grown and made locally. i fail at the "local" part more than i'd like. i am learning to be a gardener. i'm in love with two pitbulls and an advocate for the breed.

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