after complaining last week about lack of recent knitting success and my frustration with progress on the apres surf hoodie, i’m happy to report that i actually had a kick ass weekend of knitting. mike had to work both saturday and sunday, and while i was initially bummed that we wouldn’t be able to spend any time together, i soon realized that it was a great opportunity to focus on knitting and another crafty project i have in mind.

that evil beast, the hood, is all done! it came together much easier than i expected. the directions were a bit confusing to me. since a bunch of ravelers have finished it without any problems, i figured i’d just go with it and hope for the best. it worked great. all i have left to do, on the hood anyway, is finish the i-cord bind off, which is about half way complete. one more sleeve to go!

Apres Surf detail 7.20.2008

i was surprised to find myself so enthused about working on the hoodie again that i didn’t get around to any of the other projects i had planned, which actually includes some non-knitting crafts. maybe next weekend.  and, maybe, the hoodie will get done some day very soon.