i have recently been a little bit overwhelmed by my number of WIPs. many great projects in the works, but nothing has been completed for quite a while. over on ravelry, a bunch of people are participating in “ravelympics.” [side note: cutesy knitting words make me want to stuff a ball of peace fleece down someone’s throat. i adore all the girls on the sundara boards, but i think the sundara stash needs to be confiscating from anyone who uses the word “sundarians” to describe sundara yarn fans. it reminds me too much of pearl jam fans who call other fans the “jamily.” barf!] anyway, the point of the ravelypics is to start and finish a project during the 17 day course of the olympics. it got me thinking about setting a silly knitting goal for myself to help me really get things done.

so, for the month of august, i’ll be racing to finish a number of wips that have been languishing.

1. the much maligned apres surf hoodie. [side note 2: dumb name. why not just call it the after surf hoodie? does that one french word make it somehow cooler? i guess i’m really pissy about words that bother me today.] i’ve talked enough about this knit. all i have is to finish a sleeve cap, sew up the seams, and block. should be easy.

2. the candied cowl. mindless tv knitting. 3-6 inches to go depending on how long i decide to make it. also easily completed by the end of the month.

3. seattle sky juno. i have not yet blogged about this particular project. i started it before i started up on the blog again, and i haven’t really worked on it much since. the yarn, sundara yarn’s fingering silky merino in the winter sky colourway, is absolutely too die for. the perfect yarn for this project and i think the FO is going to be spectacular. i’m a little more than half way done and i’m reasonably comfortable saying this one will be done by the end of the month too.

Juno Regina progress 7.9.2008

4. moon dance stole. here’s were it gets a little hairy, people. i would really love to get this lovely stole completed by the end of the month, but i have a really hard time working with lace weight yarn for any time period longer than, say, 15 minutes. so, i get bored after about two rows and want to move along to something else. however, i’m going to try my damnedest to get it done. i will absolutely not cast on for anything new in august unless all four of these projects have been completed. nothing like torturing myself through a knitting project.

Moon Dance Progress 8.1.2008

wish me luck!

p.s. i gave up coffee as of this morning. lack of proper caffination may be the cause of my crabbiness about “ravelympics” “sundarians” “jamily” and “apres.” 😉