i’ve finally given in to what seems to be a natural progression for knitters these days. spinning! yesterday, i took a drop spindling class. we spent most of the 2.5 hour class practicing drafting and using the drop spindle. and, finally, and the end we learned how to ply.

holy crap am i horrible at this or what?

first spinning 8.9.2008

the phrase “think and thin” does not even begin to describe my first attempt. it varies wildly between lace weight and a bulky, chunky weight the size of which i’ve never seen in any yarn store.

i had a really hard time consistently drafting. when i would pull from the roving i felt that i’d get nothing, nothing then suddenly it would snap. so, i’d end up w/ a big thick chunk followed by a super thin bit and i often broke right off the the roving.  it was almost unbearably frustrating.  and yes, i thought at several times “why would anyone do this when you can just buy beautiful yarn.”

nonetheless, by the end of class i was intrigued enough to buy a few ounces of roving.  i might not even get around to playing with it until i finish up all my curent wips.  we’ll see…