what most of the world considers normal summer temperatures, like 80 or 90 degrees, we in seattle call a “heat wave.” it has been fairly hot this week and as the warm days have gone on and on, our house has gotten hotter and hotter with each passing moment. knitting has almost been impossible as my hands are constantly sweating, which fucks up my gauge and makes knitting generally uncomfortable. this is messing with my race to the finish in a big way. i can, however, report that i have actually factually completed one of my projects…

Candied Cowl Done 8.8.2008

Candied Cowl (Ravel It)
Pattern: None – made it up
Yarn: Sundara Sock in Candied Chrome
Needles: US 2 16″ Addi circ

of course, i finished the easiest of the projects. i love the way it turned out and i’m sure i’ll get a lot of wear out of it come fall and winter. it was a great use of the variegated yarn, which i always find difficult to deal with. i haven’t blocked it yet or taken photos with it on an actual human, but i’ll get around to that sooner or later.

the apres surf hoodie is in pretty good shape too. knitting is done and i’ve been working on the seaming a little bit each day.

Apres Surf sleeve seaming

my seams look fabulous, if i do say so myself. you can’t even see them! i’m really proud of how they are turning out this time around. even the set in sleeves are looking pretty good, something i’ve struggled with a fair bit. a year or so ago, i took susanna hansson’s “finishing for the finicky” class at so much yarn in seattle. i highly recommend the class to anyone who struggles with finishing or seaming. it is wonderful. susanna has many great tricks and tips. in addition to seaming, the japanese short rows she teaches are amazing. anyway, the last thing i have to do on apres surf is take out the provision cast ons and do the applied i-cord to bind of at the waist and sleeves. the weather is supposed to cool down tomorrow, so hopefully i’ll have an FO soon.