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the popularity of noro yarns has always been a bit of a mystery to me. one of my very early knitting projects was the infamous booga bag, which was all over the knit blog world at the time. of course, i knit it with noro kureyon. i found the whole process to be utterly miserable. it’s hard on the hands, there were multiple knots in every skein, and, ferchristsake, there were twigs and wood debris right in the yarn! not to mention, and i know this is sacrilegious, i’m personally not a huge fan of the noro colorways. dare i say i find them garish? and, i absolutely love bright colors.

several years later, i found myself drawn to the noro striped scarf brought forth into the world by brooklyntweed. i admired the colors and the lovely stripeyness, but when i saw these socks over at the split yarn blog i went over the edge. absolutely swoon worthy. a few days later, i found myself at little knits (one of the coolest yarn stores in seattle, btw) and they had a great price on silk garden. i caved.

noro stripey done 9.11.2008

(Ravel It!)
pattern: noro striped scarf
yarn: 2 skeins each of noro silk garden colors 241 and 282
needles: US 7 addi circ

i bought two skeins each of three colorways, knowing that i’d end up using just two of them for this project. surprisingly, i ended up going with two colorways that created fairly subtle stripes. they are very different in saturation of color, but both are primarily purples with some blue, green, and a little pink thrown in. the result is that the stripes through most of the scarf very faint, purple on purple for example. although there are a few spots where they are quite obvious, green and pink.

noro stripey done  3 9.11.2008

i love the effect. it is a really beautiful scarf. i also surprisingly found that i did enjoy knitting with the silk garden. much, much softer and more pleasant that kureyon. i’m really happy with this knit and can’t wait to get more use out of it later in the winter.  incidentally, it was a really quick project.  the knitting went very fast and i finished it in just a few days.

i was at the beach earlier this week and the scarf got a little photo shoot, which was also my first time using my new tripod. you’ll have to ignore the fact that it is 80 degrees and i’ve got a sunburn in this last photo.

noro stripey done  2 9.11.2008


seattle has beautiful sunsets in the fall.  the past few evenings this has been the view from our deck.

view 9.4.2008

certainly, one of the funnest things about knitting is project planning. with the finishing rush that was the month of august behind me, my head is spinning with thoughts of fall/winter knitting and what projects i’d like to take on this next season. i have a bit of planning startitis, and every time i turn around, i’ve got some other pattern swirling through my head. there are, however, a handful of projects i’ve been eying for quite some time. i can’t wait to get them started.

i’ve recently added a new book to my knitting library, Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard of the knit and tonic blog. i loooooooove this book. really, i think it might possibly be the best knitting knitting book from those that have grown out of blogs. the patterns are beyond beautiful. i would absolutely love to have every single one knit up and happily making a home in my wardrobe. this is so exciting to me as i find, despite that knitting has become very popular in recent years, there are still a preponderance of new patterns coming out that are dowdy and unflattering on a multitude of figures. so, i’d recommend Custom Knits based on the patterns alone. however, what makes the book an absolute gem is that the patterns are all very easily customizable. many of them have options provided, but with very little creativity they could all be taken even further. also, all the information on making adjustments to size, collars, lengths, sleeve styles, etc. is provided in the book along with enough into to easily design your own basic sweater. add this book along with Barbara Walker’s, Knitting from the Top and I may never need another knitting book. okay, maybe the Walker Treasuries.

custom knits book

the arrival of Custom Knits has me thinking about a sweater project i’ve had in mind for the past several months. a pretty simple cardigan, with a garter yoke. after completing the apres surf hoodie, i’m pretty much sold on the idea of knitting more sweaters in fingering weight yarns. it really didn’t take all that much longer and heavier yarns, even worsted weight, often just feel too hot to me. i was very lucky to nab enough sundara sock yarn in the graphite colorway for this project. i’m pretty excited to get started and i hope to be swatching within the next couple of weeks.

however, i do have a few things already in the works that i want to keep making progress on…

namely, my wicked cardigan (Ravel It!), a noro striped scarf (Ravel it!) and la digitessa socks (Ravel It!). i’m sure i’ll blog more about each of these individually. i’ll leave it at this for now ’cause i like to torture myself with lists of things i need to complete.


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