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i’ve been neglecting my blog in lieu of gym and/or knitting time.  two things i very much need right now, but the wips and fos are backing up.

my knitting buddies over on the sundara yarn love group on ravelry just finished up a lace kacal.  we coined this activity as a kacal, “knit and crochet a long” as to not neglect our crocheting counterparts.  we had so much fun and so many finished beautiful, inspiring projects.  the encouragement of the kacal got me to finally complete my moon dance stole.

Moon Dance Complete 10.18.2008
(Ravel It!)
Pattern:  Moon Dance Stole by Pink Lemon Twist
Yarn:  Sundara Silk Lace in Black over Fuchsia
Needles:  US 4 Bryspun Flex circs

this project took a really long time to complete.  i think i cast on way back in february.  the actual knitting time wasn’t too bad.  i just never focused on it exclusively; knitting a few rows a week until it was finally done.  honestly, i don’t have much to say about it.  it is one of those projects that i worked on for so long i’m kind of over it.

i also have a couple of new lace wips.  they both may take me just as long as the moon dance to complete.

Cherries Cleopatra Progress 11.15.2008
cleopatra wrap by mariam felton from sensual knits in sundara silk crushed cherries colourway

Estonian Mimosa Scarf Progress 11.15.2008
peacock feather and tail scarf by nancy bush from (her fabulous new book) knitted lace of estonia in sundara sock colourway morning mimosa

both really great projects, but i’m going to save the details for another later post.;)


kick ass link of the day…check out this great sarah palin tribute sweater on the little red blog of revolutionary knitting.  crude and clever at the same time.  i love it.

on to my more mainstream style of knitting, i’ve decided to participate in NaKniSweMo this year.  this, for those of you who say that my blog is like reading the foreign language of knitters, is the annual “national knit a sweater in a month” event.

i’ve picked a project that seems pretty quick, the february lady sweater.  yarn of choice is dream in color classy in the colorway cloud jungle.

Dream in Color Classy Cloud Jungle

i’ve been admiring this color for quite a while, mostly because it is a bit odd. slightly variegated with every color you can possibly imagine. in the end though, it comes out looking most gray, and i love a good gray sweater.

my swatch grew like nobodies business, so i decided to go ahead and knit a size down. the whole thing is pretty nerve wracking. i’ve knit down to just a few repeats in to the lace and this is one tight ass sweater right now. if it stretches and grows as much as my swatch, i’ll be in good shape. if not…ugh! my knitting history has given me very little faith in swatching. thus far, my knitting success has actually been greater for sweaters where i’ve cheated on the swatching.

November Lady Progress  2 11.3.2008


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