i haven’t been a big fan of halloween since i was a kid.  as an adult i never enjoyed the pressure, yes pressure, of coming up with a good costume.  but, the one thing i absolutely L.O.V.E about halloween is candy corns.  little, sugary triangles of deliciousness.

this year, since i’m all about trying to make things for myself, i wondered if i could possibly make my own candy corns.  seemed crazy, right?  of course, on the internets you can find out how to make pretty much anything.

after sifting through what google had to offer, i settled on this recipe posted in the washington post and gathered all the necessary provisions.

the results…

aren’t they cute little fellas?

they are seriously delicious.  i could not imagine anything more yummy than a store bought candy corn, but these way beyond.  incredible creamy sugary-ness with a slight vanilla flavor.

however, complete pain in the ass!  the research i had done warned me that once the dough started cooling it would get hard quickly.  and it did, very, very fast.  my hands were aching and sore and the dough was barely pliable by the time i got the color incorporated.  i was able to manhandle about half the dough into the “corn kernels.”   there is no frickin’ way i could have worked fast enough to use all the dough.  once i was satisfied that i did, indeed, have some pretty kernel shaped candies, i decide to screw it and just cut the dough into bite sized chunks.

the bite sized chunks are just as tasty as the kernels, but everybody knows you’ve got to eat them by nibbling off one color at a time!  not having that option really does take away from the experience.

they were SO GOOD tho.  i’ll probably do a little more research to see if anyone has come up with a solution and try it again sometime.  next halloween, when the bruises on my hands have finally disappeared.