i’ve been known to be a picky eater.  my relationship with vegetables is tenuous at best.  i used to hate them all, but i’m slowly learning to enjoy some of them.

last fall, one of my coworkers had me over for dinner and made a really delicious and simple squash.  i loved it at the time, then promptly forgot about it.  when i saw all the lovely acorn squash at the farmer’s market last sunday, i thought i may as well give it a go.

the results, delicious.

and easy.  i cut the squash in half and scooped out the pulp.  then place a pat of butter and a teaspoon of yummy wild berry honey (from sweet as can bee honey farm) in the center.  baked at 400 degrees for an hour.  i probably could have cooked it a tiny bit less as the edges charred a bit.

one super helpful tip i found online was to give the squash a couple pokes with a fork and nuke it for two minutes.  this made it much easier to cut the squash in half.

i also saved the seeds and toasted them w/ a little olive oil, salt, and ground cumin.  17 minutes at 275 degrees and they are just right.

i’ll definitely be exploring squash a bit more.  any ideas or recipes?