last saturday was one of my very favorite seattle events of the year, urban craft uprising!  the days before urban craft are as exciting to me as christmas morning (2 more sleeps until urban craft) and almost as excruciating as a half marathon (need to carb load and hydrate days beforehand).

jess and kim have been my urban craft partners-in-crime the past couple of years.  this year we decided to be early birds and get there just as the doors open at 11am.  it was insanely crowded this year.  i cannot remember it being nearly this packed last year.  we waited in a line a couple blocks long to get in and then the aisles were jammed.  i’m so happy for the crafters that the event is getting so much attention and so many people are interested in the event, but it kinda made for a challenging shopping experience.  it was really hard to move around and hard to see things.  i’m sure there were a couple of booths i missed just because i couldn’t see them or get to them.

trend wise, there were TONS of plush toys and felt project booths this year.  i fell in love with the plush candy corns from scrumptious delight.  there seemed to be a lot less jewelry booths this year.  i kinda missed that since i’m such a craft jewelry junkie.

i can’t go into too much detail about what i bought since i mostly bought christmas gifts, but here are some of my favorites:

figs & ginger – adorable, delicate nature themed jewelry

go robot – interesting, kinda industrial looking jewelry

laughing raven design – more handmade jewelry.  i said i liked the jewelry!

markhed – jewelry from montreal.  pretty pendants, some with cool city scape themes

paula deer – fun and funny felt hats.  with earflaps!

rachel austin – painting on maps.  i can’t afford one of her paintings, so i’d take one of the pendants

tako fibers – felt projects.  i bought a little kit from them that i’ll share once i do the project