okay, so this is only one thing to do with sweet potatoes.  but, they are probably my favorite food item and i would love, love, love to have 100 good ideas for sweet potatoes.

this week, i finally used the sweet potatoes i picked up at the west seattle farmer’s market several weeks ago.  i made one of my very favorite recipes.  i can’t recall where i located the recipe.  it lives in my head now and i just kind of toss it together whenever i have sweet potatoes or yams to use.

i usually use yams, which have a more orange-y color and slightly stronger flavor that sweet potatoes, but the recipe worked fine w/ the sweet potatoes too.

it goes like this…

peel the sweet potatoes or yams and cut them into rounds about 1/2 inch thick.

put ’em in a bowl and add olive oil (enough to give them a light coating), plenty of crushed garlic, a little salt, dried thyme, and crushed red pepper flakes.

toss ’em about, so that the seasoning is well mixed and spread throughout.

place them one layer thick on a foil lined cookie sheet.

bake them at 350 for about an hour.  i like to flip them over half way.

so, so yummy.  i can eat them by themselves easily, but i really like them as a side for meatloaf.  i always make extra as they reheat wonderfully and are great for lunch the next day.  they even taste good cold.

that’s one thing to do with sweet potatoes.  what’s your favorite?

p.s. damn our dark, short seattle days.  i do most of my cooking in the evening and it is really hard to take good photos with my lighting.  sorry!