Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls::my favorite snl skit ever.

i’m still not getting much knitting in with the crazy puppy.  but, i continue to fit in baking here and there.

inspired by my favorite saturday night live skit, i tried bakerella‘s cake balls recipe this weekend.  i really, really wanted to make them with red velvet cake mix, but couldn’t find any.  mike and i went on a hunt and hit six different grocery stores in west seattle.  no sign of the red velvet cake mix.  i finally gave up and settle on lemon, which is actually my favorite desert flavor.

i made the lemon cake balls on saturday night and dipped them in white chocolate on saturday morning.  my chocolate dipping technique could use some work.  but overall….L.O.V.E them.  they are delicious and it is something a little out of the ordinary to bring to a party.  i made a tray of the lemon cake balls and pistachio bark for our family holiday celebration.  yum!