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i haven’t had much time for knitting or cooking or general holiday crafting lately.  those of you who are my buddies on ravelry or facebook already know why.  but, here it is:

lola puppy!  our now 14 week old pit bull puppy.  not only is she cute, but she is an awesome dog.  i feel like we really hit the jackpot when we found her at the seattle animal shelter.  she is sweet and snuggly and smart.  she’s full of beans and plays like crazy with her big brother dog mitch.  she’s completely attention defecit  and will only play with one toy for about 10 seconds before dropping it and grabbing another to race around the house shaking and squeeking.

she equally loves cuddling and wiggling her way as close as possible into any human (especially me!) that is willing to snuggle.  she quickly falls asleep and snores like an old drunk, which gives me the giggles every time.

she’s so little and cute that when she curls up on my lap for a nap, i don’t want to get up and get my knitting or any other project.  it’s been pretty quiet here on the blog because i haven’t been doing much other than snuggling with my girl or making sure she isn’t getting into things.

oh, she is totally getting snobby yarn knitted sweaters when she’s full sized!



i'm chris. i knit and spin a lot. i cook and eat food grown and made locally. i fail at the "local" part more than i'd like. i am learning to be a gardener. i'm in love with two pitbulls and an advocate for the breed.

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