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seattle has beautiful sunsets in the fall.  the past few evenings this has been the view from our deck.

view 9.4.2008


getty garden 1

getty garden 2

getty garden 4

getty garden 3

getty garden 5

it has been difficult to find the time to post these this week.  my last post of photos from my trip to los angeles, and all photographs taken at The Getty Center.  The gardens are quite amazing.  Tons of different colors, flowers in all shapes and sizes.  I really liked the cactus garden as well.

during my recent visit to los angeles, one of my favorite field trips was out to the getty center. jess has been there no less than four times since she moved down there two months ago and she insisted that it was a must see. she was totally right. the architecture and grounds are so incredible. the art, although fabulous, really pales in comparison to the grounds.

the day we were there was really perfect for photography – plenty of light, but not overwhelming sun. i loved the shapes of the buildings and practiced taking photos from alternate perspectives.

getty arch 2

getty arch 3

getty arch

getty arch 4

no time for working on the surf hoodie yesterday, as i spent much of the afternoon taking photos for the hairball audio website. here are my favorites.

IMG_4034 2



for a while now, i’ve wanted to start a blog as an outlet for posting photographs. with new camera in hand, i totally geeked out on sunday and started this thing. now i’m remembering why i was always hesitant to start a blog and why my first attempt failed. i’m lacking focus and blogs without focus usually don’t interest me. i don’t want to write about myself and the boring stuff i do day to day. i do love a good blog with a focus, like jess’s blog about her move to LA or any one of the many knitting blogs that i read from time to time. i anticipate this will end up being some photos, some knitting, and some other crap thrown in for good measure. we’ll see…

here’s a photo for today. this is bailey. she served as my model for playing with my camera over the weekend.


i think i’m going to have to fiddle with my photos and flickr. this looked much better, imo, before whatever compression flickr does occurred.

yay! a new (old) camera deserves a new home on the ‘net.

IMG_3900 3


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