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getty garden 1

getty garden 2

getty garden 4

getty garden 3

getty garden 5

it has been difficult to find the time to post these this week.  my last post of photos from my trip to los angeles, and all photographs taken at The Getty Center.  The gardens are quite amazing.  Tons of different colors, flowers in all shapes and sizes.  I really liked the cactus garden as well.


yay! i finally have an FO to share with you. i finished up the love stinks socks.

Love Stinks Vesper Socks done 6.23.2008

Pattern: Basic stockinette sock w/ ribbed cuff
Needles: Boye double points, US1
Yarn: Vesper Sock Yarn in Love Stinks (yeah, yeah) colourway
On Ravelry

Not much to say about these, actually. Basic cuff down stockinette socks. I absolutely loved the self striping yarn. Even though the striping was completely predictable, it was a blast to watch the colors change. I love the colourway, the red and pink stripes together give it a fun valentine-y feel. Good stuff! A much needed quick FO.

Now, I must get back to that Apres Surf Hoodie!

during my recent visit to los angeles, one of my favorite field trips was out to the getty center. jess has been there no less than four times since she moved down there two months ago and she insisted that it was a must see. she was totally right. the architecture and grounds are so incredible. the art, although fabulous, really pales in comparison to the grounds.

the day we were there was really perfect for photography – plenty of light, but not overwhelming sun. i loved the shapes of the buildings and practiced taking photos from alternate perspectives.

getty arch 2

getty arch 3

getty arch

getty arch 4

while i was in los angeles, my cute husband helped me to reach a new knitting milestone…accidental felting.

the victim: the very first pair of socks i ever knit.

itty bitty felted first socks

they used to fit well and i wore them a lot. now the foot is less than 4 inches long. ooops! while it might be fun to blame mike for this little mess, i’ve actually washed these socks a bunch and never had a problem. i suspect he may have used hot water while i always wash my handknit socks in cold. nonetheless, it was an innocent mishap and i probably won’t be throwing even my superwash socks in the regular laundry.

farewell little beauties.


i’m back from my trip to los angeles, where i visted my sister, jess, and I finally have moment to blog about it a bit. we had a great time. i loved the heat, and the area she lives in is really nice. a pretty townhouse complex with lots of good stuff within walking distance. we did a lot of different things – got pedicures, saw the “sex in the city” movie, took some field trips, and hung out at the pool.

we made it out to malibu and hung out at the beach for a bit. it was a little hazy that day, but still really nice and, of course, i managed to get a wee sun burn. the following day we went to the griffith observatory.

LA observatory

lots of great views of los angeles from the observatory and a really cool looking building as well.

during our hang out time, i did some actual, factual reading. i’ve not been very good about reading the last few years as i spend most of my free time knitting. but i managed to work my way through “the other boleyn girl” (hence the title of this post) during the course of the trip. it was so good. i loved reading about all the craziness, gluttony, and scandal! i’m hoping maybe i’ve got my read back on and i’ll be on the hunt for another historical fiction type book in the next few days.

Apres Surf Blob 6.10.08

see the lump o’ apres surf hoodie. this has been the only knitting project i’ve worked on for about a month. the front is done, the back is done, a sleeve is done, and i’m about half way through the hood. it is coming along nicely and i think i’ll be really pleased with the final product. but…the monogamy thinking isn’t working so well for me. i’m antsy to move on to something else. unfortunately, when i get antsy like this, i start avoiding knitting completely. and, i don’t much like avoiding my knitting.

so, i decided to give in and allow myself to work on a different project while i’m on my trip to CA to visit jess. i cast on for basic stockinette socks using my vesper sock yarn in love stinks, yeah yeah colourway.

Love Stinks Vesper Socks progress 6.10.2008

aren’t they cute? for circular knitting, i’m a traditionalist and i prefer four straight double pointed needles. i always find the join and the first round a little fiddly. who wants to be dealing with that fiddly part on an airplane? my intent was just to get things started. before i knew it, i was cruising along and had at least 4 inches of the leg complete.

the jury is out on the vesper sock yarn. i really love the way the color stripes are coming out. i can not tell you how much i like predictable stripes more than a variegated colourway. however, i find the yarn a little stiff. it isn’t as sproingy (know what i mean?) and soft as most of the sock yarn i’ve used. not unpleasant to knit with tho, and i expect that it will soften over time.

some fun links today:
sundara launched her new site
february lady sweater, which is already shaping up to be the latest knitting craze

yippee! i came home today to find a package i’ve been wanting for quite some time. behold, the stripey goodness of vesper sock yarn

Vesper Sock Yarn 2

…in the colouway “love stinks, yeah, yeah” and “oh, lollipop”

this package could not have come at a better time as i had a royally craptastic day. anyway, i’ve been wanting to try this self striping yarn for quite a while. i’m completely enamoured with any variegated yarn that includes both red and pink, so the love stinks colourway immediately attracted me. i’d been stalking the knitterly things site in hopes that it would reappear for quite a while and was thrilled when it was offered again last week. and, well, if i’m going to pay for shipping, i may as well buy more than one skein, right? thus the luscious oh lollipop orange beauty.

i think both are destined to become basic fun striped socks. the coveted love stinks will be saved for the plane ride to LA when i visit jess. yay for pretty yarn on a bad day!


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